Hamlet House Free Wi Fi to all Guests

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      NET GEAR® Launches First 2-in-1 Power line Network Extender To Enable Power line Networking
tay in touch with your relatives back home while you’re on holiday.  No need for expensive phone
 calls back home! You can use email,hat (voice and text), web cam, and surf the internet while staying
  at our Bed and Breakfast from the comfort and privacy of your own room.
The Hamlet House Wireless radio network supports data transfer of
 up to 52 MB/s
 *using the 802.11g and 802.111 wireless internet standards.
The network uses 128 bit WEP encryption to keep your data secure at all times. All
you need is a computer or lap top/Note book with an 802.11b or 802.11g radio card fitted.
  When you arrive we will give you full instructions of how to connect
 to our network and stay connected through out your stay with Use  our network
  is subject to reasonable use criteria defined

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